Mortgage and insurance arrangements

Mortgage and insurance arrangements, as well as surveys, are completed to different time scales than in the rest of the United kingdom. This is due to the earlier commitment to buy as a result of the legislative process in buying a property.

Allan Grant Solicitors works in conjunction with a range of other solicitors and legal advisors across the United Kingdom. This way, we have gained a lot of knowledge by sharing ideas and practices with other experts in our field, helping each other and learning different approaches and techniques. One such fellow solicitor is HBS Solicitors in London. You can find out more about them on their website, They are based in the city of London and central London, and were founded in 1996 by Greg Rollingson. They cover most areas of law, including family law and business law, with specialists in each field, and offer a very friendly, thorough and efficient service. 

There is a staggering number of types of mortgage, remortgage, insurance and survey types in Scotland, and it is advisable to contact local experts who specialise in their field, such as financial advisors and mortgage brokers, insurance agents and Surveyors.

Similarly, Scot Law differs in many other legislative areas from UK law, such as in Criminal Law, Family Law, Employment Law and Finance Law. It is therefore recommended that when dealing with such matters in Scotland, local advice and representation should be sought.